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Your first response to trauma pain

Penthrox® offers effective pain relief within
6-10 breaths 1,2

Patient-controlled pain relief

Penthrox® is a compact, lightweight, hand-held inhaler containing an analgesic dose of methoxyflurane. It is self-administered under supervision of a person trained in its administration and licensed for emergency relief of moderate-to-severe pain in conscious adult patients with trauma and associated pain.1

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Penthrox® has been used for over 40 years in Australia and New Zealand, with a total of over 6 million administrations.2,3,53

Clinical experience

over 40 yrs

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How could Penthrox® help you?

Non-opioid analgesic can be administered under the supervision of healthcare professionals such as nurses and paramedics.1,2

Penthrox® is easy to administer and can help overcome delays with analgesia administration vs. IV opioids.1,4

Because Penthrox® is easily portable and self-administered, multiple patients can be treated simultaneously.1,5

Rapid analgesic administration may improve patient flow.6

Effective pain relief

The recommended dose of Penthrox® is one 3mL bottle, used with the inhaler.1 A second bottle can be given if required, but most patients (8/10) require only one dose for effective pain relief.2


Easy dosing1

One dose = 1 x 3mL bottle, vaporised in a Penthrox® inhaler.

Maximum dose = 6mL daily.

No more than 15mL per week (non-consecutive days).

Sustained pain relief1,10

One 3mL Penthrox® bottle delivers:

Continuous use = 25–30mins.1

Intermittent use = Up to 59mins.2

Using Penthrox® is as simple as 1, 2, 31

Penthrox® is not an opioid, it can be nurse or emergency crew initiated. The three easy steps to remember are: Pour, Breathe, Regulate, as shown in the guide.


Having ensured the activated carbon (AC) chamber is inserted into the dilutor hole on the top of the inhaler; rotate and tilt the inhaler then pour the entire contents of one 3mL bottle of Penthrox® into the base.


Ask patients to inhale through the mouthpiece, taking gentle breaths at first, then normal breaths, exhaling into the inhaler. For stronger analgesia, the patient can cover the dilutor hole on the AC chamber with a finger.


Instruct patients to inhale intermittently. Continuous inhalation shortens usage time. Use the minimum dose (3mL) to achieve analgesia. When finished, reseal the bottle and dispose of it with the inhaler, responsibly, in a sealed plastic bag.

Watch Penthrox® in action

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Penthrox® – proven first response pain relief in pre-hospital settings and in the emergency department1

Penthrox® offers simple, fast, effective trauma pain relief for patients that can be used by first responders outside or inside the hospital.1 Choose your setting to see a few examples.

Compact, portable, non-opioid Penthrox® can provide fast pain relief in many emergency situations,1 please click on a picture to read the case study.

Superficial injuries
Sprains / strains

Penthrox® is not an opioid,1 it can provide useful, ‘bridging’ analgesia, and help overcome delays with analgesia administration vs. IV opioids.8

  • Simple – Penthrox® is compact, lightweight and portable, it’s easy to use and enables patients to control their own pain.1
  • Fast – Penthrox® can be given quickly and works fast.1,2 Rapid administration of effective analgesia not only relieves unnecessary patient suffering, it may also improve patient flow through the emergency room.6,9,10
  • Effective – Penthrox® significantly reduces pain severity (vs. standard of care; p<0.001 for overall treatment effect, all time points up to 20 minutes; adult population >18 years)55

What our experts say

Penthrox® has been used for over 40 years in Australia and New Zealand,3 take a look at the video to hear about Nurse Agnès Verdetti’s experience.

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What our experts say

An interview with Professor Paul Middleton talking about the place of Penthrox® in emergency medicine.

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